Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rebuilding a web server

Next thing to do, is upload web content, add DNS
and start loading configurations.Once the server
has the domains setup, user FTP and upload data.

I use FileZilla for FTP these days. Its free and easy
to use. It also lets you change permisions, which helps
when you start setting up php applications, ect. more
on this later!

Setting up new server

 I spent a few hours and downloaded my ISO's, burned my cd's. Testing the used server I was donated from an old friend , we  found one of the hard drives in the raid was failing. I simply pulled the old hard drives out, put in one fesh 160gig UFW (utra fast and wide) and created a new container in the SCSI system ( control a)

I test the systems ram one last time, as RAM is key here. The server has 4 gigs or ram and 160 gigs of space for OS & storage. Raid was disabled for this basic load. I loaded the complete server package, then registred the system online.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Creating the fix - Add a route in static route if needed

After arguing with support that I needed 5 minutes of REAL assistance I found myself in a funny spot. The router was configure , but did not have a static route added for return or reverse ARP to effectively work. DUH right ? Wonder how both myself and support  missed a simple thing like the route?

If your trying to route real world IP's on a LinkSys or Dlink you have to add the static route of the class c with 2 hops. Funny this was not found anywhere in or on their site, like no one ever uses real Ip's on a network any more. Ever wanted to just scream at it ?