Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Elgin Community Network Completes 60 mile wireless footprint

As the wheels of time move forward, the ECN and its helpers (way too many to list) has completed applying broadband, switches, DHCP server, and launches wireless meeting a 60 mile foot print plus. We are extreemly pleased to see the restoration of a wireless footprint removed in December 2007.

The city of Elgin Texas now has complete coverage again , with wireless speeds up to 10 megabits ( supports b/g) . The data facilities are hosted separate to reduce hacks/attempts, and un-needed network traffic. The network now has combined speeds of 40 megabit.

With the demand for remote everything, wireless is more in demand now than ever. The network has several additional towers being built and interconnected, building the largest wifi network , in central Texas, once completed, by end of 2010.

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