Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free web sites and free web based tracking tool

You can only imaging the amount of web sites from 1993 to now have been created, We have seen almost every type and even few that scared us ( lol) , but the same this is needed. Simple easy to work tools, with reliable services. add free and your in business both fro your home or work.

I build the web sites first them hook up the domains afterwords. Marketing can always re-steer a path.

creating free sites for friends , family and businesses , I found the following very reliable and easy to use:

websites: - 5 stars
google sites - 4 stars ( more complex, not less value)

At simply sign up even with your gmail , yahoo, or other email address
once you pick you site name and choose the free web choice,
you can start adding content. If you need a domain they sell it cheap for 19.95
per year and that includes the hosting and I think one email address.

For those who want just the basics of whats with the web site I just created
I recommend since its advanced features give you real time information,
where, and even helps promote your site.


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