Monday, January 25, 2010

Windows Xp Server 101 (part 1)

Have been asked to demo a few applications that are built for Windows (tm) platform without the server platform cost. Can an XP sever be deployed with limited issues? Up until recently I would have said not without a physical firewall , just for the exploits alone of needed things like PHP, Apache and mySQL.

I found this current pattern that seems to survive network attacks and is free except windows license or hardware. On our donated unit, its a dell 1500 ( dual 1 GHz proccessors, with 1/2 gig of ram) with
standard raid , cdrom, dual nics and dual USB 1 ports. This unit came with an 18 gig drive installed in a sled, with expansion in both raid formations and capacity if needed.

First I start with my OEM cd, from Dell. Reloading orginal OS takes time, so kick back and relax.

Once machine is running on the net visit out archives for the cd ISO of selected setups:

VOIP PBX for windows - under production
VMware for Windows - under production
WAMP server for Windows


current status:

building cd ISO's and eLearning system for those needing support.

Once you have the machine running, start on your service pack upgrades.
Again dont get in a fuss, relax and give your machine time to update.
nothing worse than rushing and having to do all over again, because you
accidently hit the wrong key.

Burn Cd's using freeware IMGBurn to Cd's
(IMGBurn support / web site / download)

More to come ( part 2)

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